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Revamped corporate branding and identity, created and deployed corporate website for home automation and smart security system vendor MyroniaTech.


Created and deployed promotional website for UK4U British Education Centre.

Mykonos Secret Spot

Created and deployed a promotional website for the independent hotel Mykonos Secret Spot, and assisted with branding, identity, and digital promotion on other platforms.

Evolve AC

Team leader of team Evolve, which created Airconditionals, a concept software stack which utilizes AI to minimize building power consumption by optimizing climate control and lighting to suit the external environmental conditions and the users' behavior and needs.


Created the backend and oversaw front-end design for Trippy, a concept application which aims to simplify the process of researching destinations while planning a trip.


Head of IT for WARN, participant team in the Company of the Year Competition organized by SEN/JA Greece. Primary duty was to create a promotional website, as well as to coordinate with other departments and external contractors for the development of the team's product.

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